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The evolution of battlefield medicine is happening now

By building on the Army's Combat Surgical Hospital (CSH) legacy program, the MustER medical response system (MRS) innovation will serve as a force multiplier in support of the US armed forces' core missions of warfighting, peacekeeping, and humanitarian assistance.  Read our white paper about how MustER will impact medical medicine here.

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Prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats

Additionally, MustER will play a critical role in supporting our nation’s Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA). Learn more about the GHSA here.

The future of mobile health care is now

Equally important, MUSTER’s alternate care sites (ACS) will support the National Disaster Management System, which the DOD, DHS, FEMA, VA, and state EMAs, by increasing medical bed surge in the case of a national emergency. Read our white paper about how MUSTER will reduce the burden on hospitals during a public emergency here.

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